Woman’s hacked webcam tells her to ‘suck my d***‘

Woman’s hacked webcam tells her to ‘suck my d***‘

A woman in the Netherlands recorded the terrifying moment that her webcam was taken over by a hacker, swiveled towards her, and a voice said ‘suck my d***.’

Rilana Hamer, who recently graduated from college and works at a financial services firm, thought the webcam would be a good way to keep an eye on her puppy while she was at work.

In a Facebook post, Hamer recounted how the real-life horror story unfolded after she bought a webcam on a whim from a Dutch discount store called Action – a local discount-chain store that mostly sells low-budget convenience utilities.

She’d had the camera for about a month and was in her house doing chores when she heard a whirring noise from her living room. When she went to check on it, the camera was moving on its own.

“I thought I was going crazy,” the spooked woman said. “I suddenly heard sounds in the living room. I walked up there and saw my camera move.”

“I heard, ‘Bonjour, madame,’” she wrote in her post that has since gone viral.

“I moved to the left and right and the camera came with me.”

Hamer whipped out her smartphone to film it, and the chilling clip she recorded appears to show a mumbled voice having a conversation with a terrified Hamer, who screams, “Get out of my house.”

It continues to swivel, before uttering “Suck my d—.”

“My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself… I’m scared.. terrified,” wrote Hamer.

“I’m being watched, but for how long? What did that person see from me?”

The company responsible for the camera, Maxxter 3D, has advised other owners to change their pin number to stop hackers accessing their device.

While it is unclear how the hacker accessed to the webcam, there are several websites around that allow people to gain access to cameras to snoop on unsuspecting victims.