Teacher taped special needs student’s mouth shut

Teacher taped special needs student’s mouth shut

A teacher along with her her supervisor and a Michigan school district were all named in a federal lawsuit alleging abuse that included taping the mouth shut of 26-year-old special needs student.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday, says a photo taken of the incident in March of 2016 at the Ann Arbor High Point special needs school was texted by teacher Nesa Johnson to the student’s mother. The caption read: “Help. She won’t be quiet!!!!”

Washtenaw Intermediate Schools says no complaints were made by the family until nearly a year later. Spokeswoman Emma Jackson tells Detroit Free Press that Johnson and her supervisor no longer work for the district.

The suit alleges the taping incident was part of a pattern of abuse at the school for special needs students going back to 2004, when scalding hot coffee was poured on the student’s leg while she was in the care of another teacher, resulting in third-degree burns to her leg.

The teacher, Nesa Johnson was not available for comment.