Teacher, 28, banned from classroom after having sex with student on plane

Teacher, 28, banned from classroom after having sex with student on plane

A 28-year-old British teacher has been banned from teaching after she was accused of drunkenly having unprotected sex with a student in an airplane bathroom during the flight home from a school trip.

Eleanor Wilson, of South Gloucestershire, was coming back from a July 2015 school trip to Switzerland with students when she started flirting with a boy near the back of the plane while she was taking care of another student who was sick, Metro UK reported.

The boy was also reportedly drunk after having at least five mini bottles of wine

The name of the school where Wilson worked and the victim’s identity have not been released in order to protect the boy. She was fired from the school, which then recommended her for discipline from the English teachers’ panel

Wilson, who was intoxicated, and the boy allegedly went into the plane’s bathroom and engaged in several sexual acts including unprotected sex, the disciplinary panel heard.

The student told the board, “he and Miss Wilson entered the toilet, kissed and had oral sex and intercourse without using protection.”

Their tryst did not end there and the two allegedly continued the relationship with texts and meetings for drinks. The student admitted to the panel that they were in a relationship and that he loved her.

The student told the panel that Wilson told him to keep quiet about their relationship and to delete all his texts from her while the school investigated.

The relationship eventually came to light eight months later, when Wilson received an email from another student who said he would reveal everything unless she had sex with him.

Wilson was not present at the panel hearing and had previously denied the pair had sex or later kissed – claiming they simply “hugged on occasion”.

Wilson has 30 days to appeal her “indefinite” ban from teaching, but if that appeal is not successful, she will never be allowed to reapply to be a teacher in England, according to the panel’s ruling.

Wilson is still being investigated by the police, who told The Telegraph that she had come in for an interview in May 2016, but she has not been charged.