Patriots Fans Boo Their Own Players For Kneeling During Anthem

Patriots Fans Boo Their Own Players For Kneeling During Anthem

NFL teams took part in mass protests around the country on Sunday afternoon, but not everyone was feeling it. The crowd at Gillette Stadium did not take these protests lightly. They booed loudly while the players were kneeling.

A lot of eyes were watching the New England Patriots sideline for the national anthem following a number of comments made by President Donald Trump, who criticized NFL players for taking a knee.

The team has been closely associated with Trump, from Tom Brady’s MAGA hat in his locker to friendships Trump has with Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft.

Before Sunday’s Texans-Patriots matchup in Foxborough, Mass., about 20 Patriots players, according to ESPN, took a knee during the national anthem, the first time anyone on the team had joined the growing protest.

In return, a loud chorus of boos was heard sandwiching the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” According to the Boston Herald, there were shouts of, “Stand up,” as they knelt.

Tom Brady, the face of the team and the league, did not take a knee, but stood with his arms locked with other players and his hand over his chest.

It’s been a Sunday in which not just players, but owners, executives and fans have been forced to take a side. There were similar reports of booing in Indianapolis, too.