Meet Aaron Hernandez’s alleged gay prison lover

Meet Aaron Hernandez’s alleged gay prison lover

Aaron Hernandez reportedly led a secret gay life before committing suicide last week — and now, his alleged prison lover has been revealed.

Kyle Kennedy, 22, was the last person to see the disgraced New England Patriots star alive last week, the Daily Mail reported.

The article alleges that Hernandez, who committed suicide on April 19, gave Kennedy a $50,000 watch prior to his death. It adds that since Hernandez’s death, Kennedy has been put on suicide watch at Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center.

According to reports he was busted two years ago for knocking off a gas station while wearing a ski mask and brandishing a butcher’s knife. He got away with $189.

After leading cops on a high-speed chase and running out of gas, he was arrested and taken to the Northbridge Police Department.

As an officer was looking down to dial a phone number for Kennedy, the robber bolted again and cops had to run him down again, in a foot chase through three nearby backyards.

Kennedy could get out of prison as soon as March 1 next year, according to his profile on the pen pal website Oddly enough, Kennedy described his sexual orientation as ‘straight’ on the profile.

Prior to hanging himself with bedsheets, Hernandez wrote three letters, one to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, one to his four-year-old daughter, and one to Kennedy. Those notes have not yet been released to their intended recipients.

Hernandez was doing life for the murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd on June 17, 2013.

Newsweek reported Lloyd’s murder might be linked to his knowledge of Hernandez’s secret bisexual life – and long-time affair with a male lover from his high school days.