Man spent years living in the woods to get away from ‘controlling’ wife

Man spent years living in the woods to get away from ‘controlling’ wife

It sounds like something from a comedy, but a British man who was believed missing for 10 years has returned after he said he hid in the woods to escape his nagging wife.

Malcolm Applegate, a 62-year-old British man detailed his experience in a blog post on the Emmaus Greenwich website, revealing that he’d been living in the woods for five years before finding the homeless shelter through other runaways.

“Before becoming a companion at Emmaus Greenwich, I was a gardener in Farnborough for 25 happy years. I loved the job and I still love tending to gardens now,” Applegate wrote.

“It wasn’t until I got married that my life became increasingly unsettled. The more work I took on, the angrier my wife got — she didn’t like me being out of the house for long periods of time.”

“For three years it was alright, we got on with one another and the gardening got too much for her,” Applegate said.

“Without a word to anyone, not even family, I packed up and left,” he said.

After three years of marriage, Applegate just “upped and left” his home in Birmingham and travel by foot to London because his bike was stolen along the way.

He camped in the woods with two other individuals and worked on gardens at a community center for the elderly, the Daily Mail reported.

The gardener spent a decade away from his wife and family but finally reconnected with his sister after writing her a letter.

“It had been a decade years since I’d last seen her, and in that time she had been to all of the Salvation Army hostels in the South trying to find me; I think she assumed I was dead,” he said. “I wrote her a letter once I was settled in Greenwich and she phoned me up, in floods of tears.”

“We now have a great relationship again.”

His estranged wife hasn’t been in contact with him, according to Yahoo.