Hackers could program sex robots to kill

Hackers could program sex robots to kill

A cyber security expert believes it could be easy for hackers to breach your sex robots’ inner defences and turn them against you.

With sex robots becoming increasingly popular and sophisticated, Dr. Nick Patterson, an Australian cybersecurity expert, revealed that the lifelike dolls could end up going all “Terminator” on us.

“Hackers can hack into a robot or a robotic device and have full control of the connections, arms, legs and other attached tools like in some cases knives or welding devices,” Patterson warned.

“Once a robot is hacked, the hacker has full control and can issue instructions to the robot.”

The warning may sound a little far-fetched, but the robots run using an operating system just like a phone or PC.

Hacking into modern-day robots would be far simpler than accessing more sophisticated devices like smartphones and computers, he claims.

If a robot is connected to the internet, that means it can be hacked. And if it can be hacked, that means someone can use it to hack you to bits. That’s right, love hurts, but sex with a robot could kill you.