Facebook tries fighting fake news with info button on links

Facebook tries fighting fake news with info button on links

Facebook is continuing its crusade on fake news by giving users more information about publishers through its new “i” button, the company announced Thursday.

The social media platform is adding the new “i” button to links to give readers more information on where the news is coming from. Tapping on the “i” button will pull up information about a publisher, including a Wikipedia snippet about the company.

“People have told us that they want more information about what they’re reading” Facebook product manager Sara Su told TechCrunch. “They want better tools to help them understand if an article is from a publisher they trust and evaluate if the story itself is credible.”

When links for articles are shared on Facebook, users will see a button that provides additional information, like the publisher’s Wikipedia entry, an option to follow their page, trending or related articles about the topic, as well as information on where the article is being shared on Facebook. If there is no information provided, like if a publisher doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, Facebook will display that there is no additional data. The lack of information on a publisher could mean it’s a suspicious site.

“This new feature is designed to provide people some of the tools they need to make an informed decision about which stories to read, share, and trust,” Facebook said in a blog post. “Helping people access this important contextual information can help them evaluate if articles are from a publisher they trust, and if the story itself is credible.”

Facebook says this is just a test for a small group of users. As always, if it goes well, it’ll roll out to more people in the future.