Facebook launches ‘disputed’ tag to crack down on fake news

Facebook launches ‘disputed’ tag to crack down on fake news

Social media giant Facebook is launching a new feature that flags fake news articles as “disputed,” with the goal of reducing the amount of false information spread on the site.

Some users may have already begun to notice that certain news stories are marked as disputed on popular social media network. Facebook has not announced when the “disputed” feature will be available to everyone.

Facebook has also added a new Help page outlining how the system works. The new feature uses independent fact-checking organizations including Politifact and to assess the factual accuracy of stories reported as fake by users.

Facebook has been searching for a solution to fight ‘fake news’ stories since last December amid outcries, particularly from the political left, that so-called fake news influenced the outcome of the US presidential election.

There’s no indication yet whether the ‘Disputed’ designation will have a direct impact on how a story is handled by Facebook’s ranking algorithms or what will happen to a post or account once an article has been deemed ‘fake” by the social media giant and its fact checkers.